Services Have Re-Started!

Services were re-started on June 14

For the time being, we will not have Sunday School and the main Service will start as usual at 10:30.

Below are the current guidelines and precautions that are in place. These guidelines will most likely change often in the coming weeks as more information is provided.

Those not comfortable attending Sunday services at this present time, please feel comfortable staying home. There is nothing unspiritual about staying home. Your safety - physical, emotional and spiritual is our main concern.

We are planning on meeting outside behind the parking lot if the weather permits.

    • Please bring a lawn chair to sit in. Chairs from the sanctuary can be provided if needed.
    • Feel free to bring an umbrella in case the sun is too much.
    • Consider bringing some bug spray.
    • Since the kitchen will be closed, feel free to bring your own drinks.

Our back up plan is to use the building if it is raining or the weather turns foul on us.

  • As previously posted, the Trustees have already set up the hall with proper 6’ seating distancing for family and personal groups.
  • The building has been sanitized.

WBC will be providing hand sanitizer, it is also urged to bring your own personal supply. Washing hands is encouraged as well.

Families will be seated six feet apart according to social distancing rules.

The wearing of masks will be voluntary as long as the standard six feet of separation can be maintained. We would encourage all who would feel more comfortable wearing a mask to do so. We also would encourage everyone to have their masks accessible if a need arises to accommodate the 6’ distance requirement.

We will not be holding fellowship meals after the service. We will not be providing coffee, tea or any beverages, but would encourage all to bring their own from home. Kitchen use will be limited to washing of hands or cleaning if the need arises.

The restrooms are small and it would be wise to use one occupant at a time (an exception would be for family members). Simply closing the door will signal others that it is occupied, also leave the door wide open with the light off when you leave.

Before and after the services, fellowshipping inside of the building will be kept to a minimum. We would encourage fellowshipping outside before and after the services.

This is a unique time that we are currently living in. Please be kind and considerate as we all work through this. Lord Bless!